Great tasting soba noodles at Nagano Sta.

Traditional soba restaurant “Kusabue” at Nagano Station is one of the BEST local handmade soba restaurants I’ve ever had. You might have highly sense of noodles if you’d visited to Nagano only for them.

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真3English menu is also available.

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真2Cold soba and sake make so hot.

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真4And what surprised you is the huge portion of handmade soba they serve. Although standard soba restaurants serve about 200g(0.44lb), Kusabue does about 400g(0.88lb) normal.

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真6【Small Sizes: 200g(0.44lb)】
= 700yen

【Normal Sizes: 400g(0.88lb)】
= 800yen

【Middle Sizes: 800g(1.76lb)】
= 1400yen

【Large Sizes: 1.2kg(2.6lb)】
= 1650yen

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真7After the meal, you can drink “Sobayu”

蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真8【How To Drink】
1: Pour Sobayu into your remaining dipped soba sauce.

2: Drink it and enjoy.

3: It contains lots of vitamin B1, B2 and more for your health.



蕎麦屋「草笛」の写真5You can see a man making soba in the display window at the front of the restaurant.

Shop Info
【Business Hour】
AM11:00~PM10:00(Last Order 9:30PM)

【Regular holiday】
New Year’s Day


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